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What is your favorite dish to make outside of work?

I enjoy cooking for groups of friends and family, especially when they bring me the bounty of a hunt or a fishing trip. Recently, we roasted some local venison that my brother-in-law had bow hunted. Another time on a recent trip, we enjoyed fresh wahoo made into a ceviche with citrus and local seasoning peppers. These days more often than not my favorite things to make are bottles of formula for my baby daughter, Avery.


Where do you look for inspiration?

Inspiration for me is found in all places, sometimes created out of necessity, other times from my family or mentors. Also, I’ll see something new or I’ll be reminded of dishes I have made in the past.  The great team of talented cooks surrounding me draw inspiration from each other and that rubs off on everything we do. It’s great!!  We are blessed at Bellecour to have blackboards for specials and a “Chefs Table” too. This gives us freedom outside of the menu to experiment with our culinary ideas.

What is the most important kitchen rule?

There are many, many important rules that keep a kitchen running efficiently but most of all, I believe that communication is key. Being able to talk to the team openly and honestly is essential for developing a healthy working environment.

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